Priceless & Complete meditation training at $99 / unit

With the most direct & authentic methods available

Expert help from instructors via online community

An online meditation course to take you from the beginning to true mastery

Discover Taiji info
  • Fundamentals that transform your body and mind into one that can achieve meditation.
  • Objects that transform the being and that which one achieves meditation upon.
  • Perfections that transform the character and support one's efforts to achieve true meditative states.
  • Universal & non-denominational truths that cut through confusion, delusion, and undesirable detours.
  • A teacher & videos to train with.
  • A community of experts, students, and support.
  • How to manifest the elements
  • How to achieve concentration
  • How to utilize meditation objects
  • How to align & develop the psychic centers
  • How to manifest blissful states
  • How to master & perfect the breath
  • How to transform one's character
  • How to liberate mind & body
  • How to skillfully manage the mind
  • How to enter absorption
Discover Taiji info

Adam Mizner's 1st Podcast: "Some Chat about The Path"

The greatest thing about Discover Mind is that it doesn’t matter whether you consider yourself an expert, total beginner, or even just simply looking at meditation to increase your well-being & vitality. All of these things and more can make Discover Mind invaluable on your path.

Enjoy your training

Sincerely, Adam Mizner
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